Our History

Blueberry is the result of an evolutionary process. After 20 years in the manufacturing business working predominantly with a broad range of natural fibres, from linen & cotton all the way through to silk we decided to create our own brand.

We wanted a label that would bring together our technical experience with our knowledge & passion for the fashion itself to be able to deliver fashion that won't last for only one season...

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is comprised of three central themes that we strive to balance in all our styles as much as possible:


We believe in the idea of producing clothing strictly from natural fibres so that we can deliver clothing that suits a natural style of life.

Sourcing the finest yarn from the best suppliers is a key step our design process. With that as a base we can treat, embroider & print our linen to enhance its qualities without losing its underlying characteristics of freshness & lightness.


Simple lines, shapes & volumes are always a component of the most successful, timeless & recurrent trends. This & their ability to suit a broad range of silhouettes make them a core part of our design process.

We want to be able to deliver that element of timelessness & comfort to the broadest possible audience from small to xxl.


That something is 'affordable' should not mean that it is either cheap or necessarily low in price.

With this in mind when styling our garments we aim for that balance between quality and cost that results in a piece that is not the most expensive in the closet but certainly the favourite!